Farm Trust

Farm Trust is a cloud system that provides data management solutions to all levels of farmers, from small-holder to large scale farmers. This system helps farmers to identify real-time environmental and socio-economic data to provide support for efficient decision making.


Who is the Farm Trust for?

Farm Trust can be used by anyone, such as farmers, managers, exporters and researchers, who need to track dynamic changes in the environment and economy in real-time for better management of production.



Reasons to use Farm Trust

The user is able to coordinate the field activities of the farmers to track the growing and harvesting process in real-time. It helps to provide full traceability from the fields to the market, observes the food safety measures in practice, provides centralized updated digital information with better logistics and increases sustainable productivity.



The main features of the system are growing management functions, trackability and compliance, field surveys and data collections, loan management, cross-platform compatibility, and so on.